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Where is the Best Place to Buy Diamonds and Engagement Rings Online

What is the best place to buy diamonds? What about engagement rings and other jewelry? There are a lot of places to choose from, but only a handful worth your attention.

Diamond jewelry is expensive – so you want to know you’re buying the right stone, from the right jewelers.

Some online diamond stores have less than desirable customer service or, worse yet, inferior quality products. You can be sure that not all jewelry and diamond retailers are equal.

Here are our picks of the best places to buy loose diamonds, diamond jewelry and engagement rings online and why we think so.

The Best Place To Buy Diamonds, Engagement Rings and Jewelry

Best Place To Buy Engagement Ring OnlineOur Top Pick:


Why It’s the Best Online Diamond Store:

  • Actual pictures of diamonds in stock (no generic diamond photos)
  • Completely customize your stone + setting
  • 360-degree, 3D Pictures (so you can fully inspect the diamond you’re interested in)
  • Virtual Ring Sizer
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee + Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping To All Locations
  • Certified Conflict-Free Diamonds

If you’re buying any type of diamond jewelry there’s one place you want to go first – JamesAllen.com.

The Rundown:

Why James Allen? Simple – they show you 3-Dimensional pictures of the exact diamond that you would be buying. And this is extremely important when buying diamond jewelry.

The purpose of diamonds set in a piece of jewelry is to display their beauty and perfection. So you don’t want to inadvertently pick up a cloudy or colored stone. Being able to see the actual diamond you’re about to purchase is essential.

And that’s why James Allen is the best diamond jewelry store online. You can even completely customize and design your own engagement rings, studs, pendants and more. Check out their exclusive jewelry designer – it works really well.

Is it a Good Place to Buy Loose Diamonds Online?

best place to buy diamondsYes, JamesAllen.com also sells loose diamonds. And it’s a great place to purchase loose diamonds online. Again, you get to see the actual stone before purchasing.

But there are other considerations when you buy loose diamonds as a commodity or store of value, rather than to display it’s beauty. When you are buying something as a commodity, the main concerns can often be price and quantity.

Are you buying loose diamonds as a store of value? As a long term investment? Then it’s possible the diamond you want doesn’t need to be the same type of stone that one would prefer set in a piece of Jewelry.

Again, James Allen is a great place to find loose stones, but you may have more luck somewhere else.

If you do decide to purchase loose diamonds from James Allen then make sure you are finding the best deals. In all likelihood you’ll find a much better deal at our top pick shown below. Check out their latest stones, designs and collections today.

Another Great Online Diamond Retailer

where to buy loose diamonds onlineOur Runner Up:


Why It’s The Best:

  • Largest Retailer of Diamonds Online
  • Deal in Conflict-Free Stones From Around The World
  • Offer a Variety of Cuts/Colors of Diamonds
  • You Get The Best Possible Price (Very Competitively Priced)
  • Free FedEx Shipping + 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Exclusive Agreements with Diamond Wholesalers
  • Include GIA Grading Certificate

If you want loose diamonds then BlueNile.com is likely one of the better choices.

The Rundown:

If you’ve ever thought about buying a diamond online you’ve likely heard of Blue Nile. And for good reason – it’s the largest retailer of diamonds and diamond jewelry online.

And even though you can buy custom jewelry through Blue Nile, we prefer it for buying loose diamonds instead. That’s because Mark Vandon, the founder of BlueNile.com, admits that he believes diamonds are truly a commodity. Commodities are bought and sold based on price and quantity, not beauty/clarity.

This belief can help you save time and money when purchasing loose diamonds. You don’t need to examine every stone, you just need to know the basics about it (which Blue Nile tells you) and make a decision based on price.

Whether you buy diamonds as an investment, a store of value or something else, choose BlueNile.com

What About Buying Diamond Jewelry Online?

You can definitely purchase diamond jewelry from Blue Nile – they’ve got a great selection, awesome prices and good quality stuff. But we suggest you get your diamond jewelry from James Allen, not Blue Nile.

That’s mostly because you don’t get to see the diamonds you’re buying at BlueNile.com, so one can’t be sure of the diamond’s true beauty/clarity. Having said that, Blue Nile are a very reputable company and offer a full money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

But since you can’t see the stone, and jewelry is to show off a diamonds perfect beauty you want to be careful. Now, you can get guaranteed clarity and color from Blue Nile, but that’s going to cost you extra.

Like James Allen (below), Blue Nile offers fully customizable jewelry and diamonds and have many happy customers. Check out their latest stones, designs and collections today.

What to Look For When Shopping for Diamonds Online

When you’re looking for a good store to buy diamonds there are a few different things you’re probably considering. You want the shop to be a reputable retailer, you want the product quality to be excellent and you want to know you’ll be take care of if any problems arise (i.e. good customer service.)

But you also want to make sure that you’re getting good value.

That means different things to different people. But essentially you should only have to pay the exact amount of money relative to the actual, real-life value of the product you’re buying.

In other words a truly great diamond shop won’t charge you $100 when the value of the product is only $10.

But There’s More to It

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that all businesses have to markup their products in order to stay a viable business. There are more costs to a business than the physical product you’re buying. Those expenses include marketing, packaging, inventory, business space and so much more.

So you’re going to have to pay more than the intrinsic value of whatever you’re buying. But that doesn’t mean you should be paying an unreasonable amount more when buying diamonds online.

A Test of the Best Places to Buy Diamonds

A recent report on Good Morning America compared diamonds purchased from big-name retailers Costco and Tiffany’s. We all know Tiffany’s is a luxury brand with a huge name around the world.

Most people would expect to pay more for something because of the value of the brand (and sometimes the uniqueness of the jewelry setting/design).

They purchased a diamond ring from Tiffany’s for over $16,000 and another for $6,000 from Costco. They wanted to see if they got their money’s worth.

In short, they did. They got the diamonds appraised and found that they paid exactly what they should have at Tiffany’s, but they got a pretty damn good deal at Costco.

The Problem With the Test

The problem with the above test in answering the question “what is the best place to buy diamonds” is the spectrum of the test.

They chose one of the highest end retailers on earth and compared it to a bargain shop.

But what if you don’t want the G5 and won’t settle for the bottom of the barrel either?

That’s where we come in. We took the middle road and compared the best two online diamond stores (in our opinion) that are middle-of-the-road.

Why Buying Your Diamonds Online is the Best Idea

You can purchase really fancy diamond jewelry or you can go the more modest route at either James Allen or Blue Nile. And all the other great points we mentioned in the diamond store reviews above make them the ideal choice for us.

We highly recommend checking out their inventory and we’re sure you’ll find some really great diamond jewelry products that you’ll want to purchase right away!

What’s more is that online diamonds shops are the best to buy from because they have much lower expenses than big box retail stores you have to physically visit. This makes the jewelry and diamonds you buy at these online stores much more affordable than walking into a diamond retail store and choosing the same product.

Diamond Shopping Tips

Take Your Time

Buying jewelry and diamonds online (even when shopping at the best online diamond retailer you can find) is a big deal. Take your time when selecting your stone and/or setting. There shouldn’t be any rush. Make sure it’s the right size, color and shape.

Only Buy Certified Diamonds

There are a lot of shady diamond stores on the internet and you want to avoid their scams. Make sure you’re buying certified diamonds and ones that are not from conflict zones.

Make it easy on yourself and purchase from James Allen or Blue Nile – they both offer GIA certified diamonds. (The GIA is the Gemological Institute of America – a leading diamond grading body in the USA).

Secure Your Purchase

Wherever you choose to buy from, make sure they have great customer service and a solid refund/return policy. You don’t want to be stuck with a bill for multiple thousands of dollars and a product you absolutely hate.

Again, James Allen and Blue Nile both offer great 30-day return policies on all of their products. Not satisfied with what you’ve got? No problem.

Learn About What You’re Buying

This tip has to do with educating yourself a bit about what you’re buying. Remember, you’re spending a lot of money on a diamond.

You’re on the right track by being here right now looking for the best place to buy diamonds and jewelry online. But take it a step further and learn a bit about buying diamonds in general – the 4 C’s.

Make Sure You Made The Right Choice

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to hire a diamond appraiser to have your new diamond jewelry or engagement ring tested. You can do it yourself!

There’s a device called a Presidium Multi Tester that you can use to test the diamonds you buy online.  (Diamonds conduct heat really well so when pressed up against the tester it should cool the tip immediately. If it doesn’t, it might be a fake!)


There you have it – the very best places to buy diamonds in our opinion. Which of the best diamond stores you choose really depends on what your purpose is. But regardless of who you choose – if you stick to our top two picks above, you likely won’t go wrong.

Definitely visit James Allen at the very least and check out their awesome 3D images of the actual diamonds they have for sale online. Their site is pretty great, navigation wise and definitely our fave.

What about you? Do you have any favorite diamond retailers on the internet? Let us know in the comments below. And if you thought this article was helpful, please share it!

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