Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How to be red carpet fabulous, jewelry-speaking.

They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend. For the girl who’s famous- nothing can be truer. Red carpet outfits are always a long-winding topic during awards season. And red carpet jewelry certainly adds to the fire.

Have you ever watched an awards show and thought, “Really. Is that the best she could do?” That superbly invisible diamond stud? No lariat necklace for that plunging neckline! No eye-catching bracelet stack on those lovely slender arms?!

And have you ever dreamed of doing much more with those 15 minutes of fame if you were the one up there?

Well, you are not alone.

It seems that being a female celebrity doesn’t necessarily mean being flawlessly fabulous. A large portion of being that would mean showing off exquisite jewelry. But not all female celebrities take advantage of this on the red carpet.

They miss the chance to adorn that one-of-a-kind jewel, made by hand by a talented but less-known living designer. They waste away the chance to wear something with unusually colored gemstones?

But some make us proud. Some pick the pieces that turn heads and screens. Some make us aspire for their kind of fabulous.

Look at how much attention celebrities wearing pieces by Lorraine Schwartz always get.

Look at what happened with Margot Robbie. How many people had even heard of this Australian actress before her big moment last year when she appeared with a sapphire fringe pendant dangling from a gold zipper designed by Van Cleef & Arpels?

So here goes. Some advice to celebrities and you out there: if you have to buy or borrow jewels for that big night, why not pick a quirky classic with a fascinating backstory? Why not wear a piece of jewelry that will have everybody buzzing around you and on social media?

Need examples?

Statement Earrings








Statement Necklaces and Rings

necklace ring







Statement Bracelet










Statement Belt








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